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        Why Join Monroe Temple Beth-El?

‘To Make a Connection’ – With our Members, Our Community, and with God

        The Importance of Temple Affiliation

Active Temple membership is critical to the life and continued vitality of our Jewish community. Through all the trials and oppression of the Jewish people, it has been the Temple that stands ever ready to respond to the needs of each and every member, strengthening our commitment to the task of passing our tradition to the next generation – “L’Dor V’Dor” (“from Generation to Generation”).

        The Value of a Temple Community

Many factors contribute to a positive Temple experience – a thoughtful sermon, inspiring music, the companionship of friends, and beautiful surroundings. From baby namings to funeral services, the benefits of Temple membership are numerous and varied. But the real benefit is community. As you are there for us, so we are there for you. Whether you come once a year for High Holy Days or share in our services every Shabbat, your membership makes you part of our Jewish family.

         Passing the Torch

We all want our children to attach importance to their Jewishness at an early age, and to get into the habit of thinking of themselves as young Jews whom one day will mature into adults and take this lifestyle forward with them. Our diverse educational programs ensure that our children will maintain a distinct set of values, observances, and traditions; traditions filled with long-lasting memories and connections.

         What to Expect

We will of course ‘noodge’ you to celebrate with us on holidays and encourage you to educate your children in our Torah School. We will urge you to pursue adult learning, to volunteer your time to support us, and to live ethically in today’s rather chaotic world. In return, our Temple membership and Bikkur Cholim will bolster your spirits when you are ill. Our dedicated clergy, Rabbi Roger Lerner, will be there for you in both good and bad times to offer spiritual strength, consolation, and guidance when needed by our membership family.

        Our Pledge to You

In the years ahead, Monroe Temple Beth-El will continue to nurture and celebrate our connection with God, cultivate the love and understanding of our Jewish heritage, and strengthen our vibrant Temple community through the whole-hearted practice of Tikkun Olam (“to repair our world”). Just as you take responsibility for our needs with your dedication, support, we in turn pledge to care about yours. In our world, there is no such thing as – “I can’t afford to be a member”! Please visit us and decide for yourself!

If you have any questions about joining our temple family, please call our temple office at 783-2626. If you are ready to join                                for a membership form.

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