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Lehiyot Shayach

In 2007, the Lehiyot Shayach committee was formed to raise awareness of the needs of those with disabilities, whether physical or developmental, and to address the educational needs of children who learn differently We strive to make every member of the congregation feel feel he or she "belongs" in every sense of the word. The mission of the committee is to promote a quality Jewish experience for all members of our congregational family as well as addressing the diverse educational and spiritual needs in an inclusive and nurturing environment.

The committee has teamed with Jewish Family Service of Orange County to establish a Yeladeinu Program for Jewish children with special disabilities. The program funs a special education Sunday school class, Special Sundays, at the temple. Every February, the class celebrates Jewish Disability Month by taking part in the Shabbat service. The Lehiyot Shayach Committee has sponsored guest speakers that offer a wide range of information for adults and parents. The committee welcomes new members and ideas to help promote inclusion in our temple.

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