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Summer Camp

Our goal is to strengthen Jewish identity, continuity and our youth’s relationship
to the Jewish people and the land of Israel.
Whether is it through a summer teen trip to Israel or a session at a Jewish residential camp,
our Congregation encourages all teens to “Do Jewish” during the summer!

The URJ has been in the forefront of the Jewish camping experience for over 60 years. With thirteen camps across North America, and complementary programs in Israel, they can certainly boast of being the largest Jewish camping system in the world. And having been a vital part of the lives of tens of thousands of children, both in North America and in Israel.

Besides being a time for fun, participation in Jewish camps (such as Camp Harlam and Crane Lake for example) leads to lasting friendships, helps formulate your child’s personal growth, and helps to ensure your child’s future as a committed Jew. The URJ also has camp programs available for children with special needs.

From time to time, our temple offers subsidies for a Reform Jewish camping experience. For further information about these subsidies, or information about Jewish camping in general, please contact the Temple office. Camping information is also available if you visit

We are pleased to be able to offer scholarships for Jewish camping. To download an application, please click on the appropriate link below


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